Thursday, November 3, 2016

Just a thought. Are all writers nocturnal? #amwriting

Above, sleeping down the ages, a knight's tomb, Tewksbury abbey
I don't remember when I became nocturnal, but I am. It doesn't matter which country I'm living in, and I have lived in a handful, I become nocturnal almost immediately. 

The question I ask myself is, are all writers nocturnal?
I receive a few writers' newsletters and reading between the lines I think a number of them are nocturnes.

Is it the calmness that comes with the night when everyone is asleep that's so addictive, or am I simply one of those people who function better at night?

Whatever the reason I'm around half the night when maybe I shouldn't be. I'm lucky that my work hours are flexible and in shifts otherwise I might be in trouble. 

There's a blackbird sings in the dead of night where I live. There are rustles in the vegetation and creatures wander out. My favorite is deer. They appear mostly at dawn, or close to it, but they're gone when light floods the sky.
Last night I saw a sparkling light on the patio, tiny and new. It was some kind of glow worm. There's always something special going on in the night, but you have to be there to see it.

 More knights. Tewksbury abbey chancel windows. W. de la Zouche and De Clare earls


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Spread that digital footprint people #romance all around me

First post blues
I travel every few days in the summer with my job and I'm always struck by the loveliness around me. I guess I'm lucky that most often I visit rural or historical areas where the scenery inspires me and the buildings are intriguing.

I know, because of my work that the stones, statues, tiles, pillars, fonts used to be colored and painted, but I love them ruined, faded and pockmarked by age and the weather.

I'm a researcher, buyer, restorer, and writer. It's me who provides the graphics for our brochures and catalogs and so I sometimes work at night, all night...

Its led me to writing as I wait for a print run or rendering, and so now I also write romance, generally heavy on the love scenes but also with characters that incorporate people I have met, and the angst, love, care, dreams of those people.

I am an incurable romantic.
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