Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Spread that digital footprint people #romance all around me

First post blues
I travel every few days in the summer with my job and I'm always struck by the loveliness around me. I guess I'm lucky that most often I visit rural or historical areas where the scenery inspires me and the buildings are intriguing.

I know, because of my work that the stones, statues, tiles, pillars, fonts used to be colored and painted, but I love them ruined, faded and pockmarked by age and the weather.

I'm a researcher, buyer, restorer, and writer. It's me who provides the graphics for our brochures and catalogs and so I sometimes work at night, all night...

Its led me to writing as I wait for a print run or rendering, and so now I also write romance, generally heavy on the love scenes but also with characters that incorporate people I have met, and the angst, love, care, dreams of those people.

I am an incurable romantic.
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